top 5 besst android apps 2020

Top 5 Best Unusual Apps In 2020

As you have seen my video and i hope you have enjoyed my video as well so here you will find all the apps that i have described in my video.  

All Apps are ????


 This app can do so many amazing things as you have also seen in the video.

  • you can call to any number
  • record your calls
  • change your voice (male to female voice and vice verca)
  • change the background noise so you can lie (just kidding ????)

you can download this app ????

Fake Chat

As you have seen in the video that fake chat app can create you some realistic conversation threads so you can easily fool your friends and family ( to prank them) and I sincerely request you not to use this app in a negative way ( I know you will still use it for lying) but I request you not to do this kind of shitty and childish things which makes you a bad person and a lier

Download it from ????

Apkdone Website

As you have seen in the video this website will give you a whole loads of android apps which are already modded and you don’t have to mod or hack these apps. this website has done all the work for you and you can easily get free android games also some popular games like fifa, 8 ball pool, clash royal and much more games which are totally free

Just Visit  ????

Oreo TV

yes this was the app I was hiding from you in my video ????????.

But on a serious note, this app is legit and i’ve reviewed it a long time ago and it’s still working and it’s one of the best online streaming apps in india right now ( my opinion ). This app has all the features that you are looking for. just download the app and tell me in the comments that how much do you like it. okay? comment mujy zarur chahiye.

Download the app ????


I just want to say you