Find my phone clap - finder Apk Download for Android

Find my phone clap – finder Apk Download for Android

Find your phone with clap and find your lost phone with Find my phone with clap app

Do you often lose your mobile phone and worry about finding my device? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Find My Phone by Clap is a phone finder/tracker app that can help you locate your lost device.

Clap Phone Finder is very useful finder to locate/locate your phone just by clapping. The phone will respond with a flash alert sound and also vibrate. Find my phone with clap, clap to find my phone, clap to find phone lens and clap to find my phone with voice, all these features are available in this app.

Find your phone without GPS or internet connection. Your phone can be anywhere, be it in your bag, drawer or room, all you need to do is clap your hands to find your lost phone. To operate Clap Phone Finder, simply clap and the phone will vibrate, flash or ring according to the settings, allowing you to locate it very quickly.

Don’t Touch My Phone is an anti-theft phone alarm and phone security alarm that protects my phone by detecting motion whenever someone tries to touch my phone.

If someone wants to touch my phone or if your kids or family members want to use your mobile phone when you are not there. Don’t touch my phone: Anti-theft alarm app will protect your phone and let you detect someone touching my phone.

You have three unique features at your disposal
✓ Reminder that you forgot your phone if you leave it with you
✓ Find your phone if you forget where you put it
✓ Ability to display the last known location of the phone on the map

Pre is a tracking, data security and device management app with over 13 years of experience tracking counterfeit phones, laptops and tablets. Available for Android, Chromebook, iOS, Windows, Ubuntu and MacOS. All devices are tracked under one account and managed through a mobile app or web dashboard.

Family GPS Locator allows you to stay connected with the people who are most important to you. Familo is a Find my phone app that you can use with your family and kids.

– Family locator in real time on map
– Know when family members arrive or leave
– Panic button to share location in case of emergency

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